S.I.C. Belts Hybrid, Type 4, Light

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A lightweight, fashionable and wearable piece of S.I.C. Cables.

Our belts are made from the same materials as S.I.C. Cables, they just happen to be wearable.  They can be locked off at any point along the belts length and can therefore be sized to fit every 1/4" or .6cm.

When used for bondage the buckle can be used in addition to our usual locks.  Shorter versions can be useful as collars while longer versions can be used as collar and lead in a single piece.

We only list a few common sizes in our store, for any other sizes simply submit a custom request Here.  Of note, we recommend adding 6 inches or 15cm to your actual waist size for a tuckable tail(see pictures)

The last picture shows side by side, on the right a brand new S.I.C. Hybrid Belt about to be packaged up, on the left a one year old belt which has been worn daily by one of our team, if anything a year of wear has it looking more like glass/crystal than plastic.

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