Custom Chainmaille

While we can make almost anything out of chainmaille using ancient crafting techniques blended with modern materials, we most often make costumes, some meant to go out in public, COSplay and some meant strictly for the bedroom.  We'll post a few examples to give you the idea, Contact Us if you have an idea or would like a quote.

Roro and Owen at the shoot

This simple design took just over 40 hours to complete and just 2 fittings.  Our Owen has a devious mind when it comes to design.

Passes for swimwear at a distance
Looks like Lingerie up close
Comes completely apart, or partially for fun

Misty and Owen at the shoot

Shoots are always fun but a tonne of work has to be done before the photographer even starts to set up.  For this outfit the skirt clocked in a 62 hours of work based on 3 measurements and a simple concept, the top 48 hours, 3 fittings and 2 extra hours of finishing work for a total of 112 hours to complete.

Many thanks to photograher Jesse Driedger insta consumedarts