Sex In Chains: Cables

A new way to look at Bondage and suspension, sexy, durable and easy to sanitize.  Currently available in Stainless Steel and Plastic or all Stainless Steel.

Roxxy & Ava Simple arm binding for two using 38' of plastic S.I.C.Cables

While each has unique properties...

All Stainless steel S.I.C.Cables are quite smooth, feel a bit like snakeskin and due to the tight weave leave only subtle markings, can be tied much like rope.

Plastic blended S.I.C.Cables are a looser weave with a bit more grab, they tend to leave more pronounced markings and hold even tighter, need to be secured by locking several rings together.


Our first product offering was wearable bondage chains in the form of belts, they are custom made for specialty sizes or you can order a few standard sizes.  We recommend adding 6 inches to your waist size for a tuckable tail.

Key features:   Durable
      Easily Sanitized
      Can lock off at any point along the belt

More than just wearable belts...

Offerings include longer cables and clothing items

This is our shoot ready collection of demo cables, also shown is a top made from our larger rings.  While we offer our cables by the foot in our store we will happily provide quotes on custom lengths/widths of cable as well as custom clothing.