After much work, we have a home online

We even managed to get the domain name we wanted, not always easy with .com these days.

Welcome to S.I.C. Cables, we make some wicked cables, crazy outfits and well... pretty much anything you can dream up.  Feel free to order from our store, hit us up with a custom request or send us sketches of something you would like us to build. 

If you're looking for inspiratrion, browse the Gallery and see a few of the things Master Owen and his gaggle of gorgeous gals have thought up so far.  While we love seeing pictures of our products being used by end customers, there's some legal involved in posting your pics on our site.  If you're up for it, send em in and we'll send you the legal.  If you just want to share, tag sicstudios on insta and we'll share your post there.

Stay S.I.C.